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so I think I am regaining her trust.3.) She's had a couple failed relationships over the 4 months... See, she didn't want a long distance relationship with me. I would of been cool with a long distance relationship, but I agreed that the age difference would just be too hard to explain, in a couple years it's not as bad, but right now its basically a no no.

and honestly, each time she starts talking to a new guy. Like I said above it just feels like she moved on from me so easily... Anyhow, this new guy apparently lives REALLY far away from her.

So I texted her mom, and told her that her daughter was hurting herself and to please go and check on her right away.

At the time, it felt like the only thing I could do, to guarantee she would survive that night. It took a couple weeks for things to kind of return to normal between her and I.

One night she was talking to me over Skype and she was crying and I could tell she was in a ton of emotional pain.

And it literally was killing me because I couldn't physically hold her and tell her it would be okay.

I honestly find myself having more in common, and being more attracted to girls that are like 18ish, it just feels like they are on around the same maturity level that I am maybe? She added me to friends and started talking to me randomly on Facebook about 4 months ago. So this Random girl lands in front of my proverbial (facebook) face. and I decided to just kind of read up about Canada law...

I don't know, but 26 year old women seem OLD to me, for the most part, and I don't feel like I am that old, even though I am the same age as them, lol... She found me because a video I made had kind of went semi-viral and she added me because of it. Her profile said she was 20, so I said what the hell. Well, from there, we kind of just talked on and off for the next few days over Facebook. She's really cool, we have a lot in common, and we have a lot of fun talking/flirting;p with eachother. and it turns out, in Canada being 16 is kind of like being 18 in the USA. That made me instantly feel a little less gross about myself for having developed feelings for a 16 year old lol. I'll just see where this goes and I won't end it right here and now.

We didn't start dating or having a long distance relationship.

Growing up I had 3 older sisters that basically tortured me when it came to girls.

Anytime I had a crush, or asked a girl out they basically made me want to commit suicide lol.

She "went to bed" and told me she was turning her phone off...

I was truly scared I wasn't going to ever talk to her again, I really felt like she might do something.

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