Docotrs dating and courtship dating getting him back

Docotrs dating and courtship

I was a little worried that it may have scared off the guy as he had gone a little quiet on the communication front after this conversation but still suggested to meet up, so we did a week later.I actually asked my cousin about him and apparently when my mother met him, she asked questions to find out if he was single…. But pretty typical of my mother : S We met at a bar in a mutual area and as usual due I turned up about half an hour late I realised my car almost ran out of fuel and then couldn’t find the place when I got there. He hadn’t told me he reached the bar and had been sitting and waiting inside on his own.Dr Mike also told entertainment website Wonderwall that he is indeed going out with Pia.

This is the case for a lot of guys I seem to meet virtually..

I often go to that part of the country but never have had time to actually go to this tea place myself and told him I had been meaning to go check it out every time I am there.

Again, he came back with a cold and very confusing response, He obviously thought I was hinting to invite myself and got scared off but I was not at all?!

I sent a message following the date but his response was a little cold so I had got the impression he was not interested. From this point I decided to stop messaging, but he kept on messaging time to time so wasn’t sure if that was a sign of interest?!

We carried on texting a little and since I was in his area the following weekend for a birthday, had suggested meeting for a drink but in his words, ‘I may have plans that clash at that time so may not be able to meet but I will contact you later if I do happen to be free’. Anyway I find guys can be soo confusing and sometimes very hard to read!!

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