Shonen ai dating sims online

Shonen ai dating sims online

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Organization: Tall Tales Productions Twitter: @Tall Tales VN Easily answered: - Bishoujo game = game with beautiful girls inside.

Technically, Strip Poker is a Bishoujo game as long as it features manga girls ^_^ - Ren'ai game = game about finding love/relationship.

Most Ren'ai games are also Bishoujo games but needn't be (see Toki Memo: Girl's Side).

shonen-ai, yaoi: The pov character is male, the pursued characters are male.

Dates aren't special events either, but are integral gameplay elements.

The "story" runs for three years, and you can set up dates each week.

However, it doesn't have anything to do with sexual content, both may or may not have it to various degrees.

- is a term that doesn't even exist in japanese, and is generally used by uninformed people to talk about any bishoujo game, wether is had to do with dating or not (because, of course, it's a known fact that all bishoujo games exist for the sole purpose of simulating real dates for loosers who can't get a real social life).

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For this we have: bishoujo: The pov character is male, the pursued characters are female.

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